We honestly can't imagine anyone doing a better job...

We remember the date when Publishers Management came to our rescue, June 12, 1996. Since then, our business has grown, customer satisfaction is very high, because our customers feel taken care of, and our lives are much more manageable.

Our Account Manager always sees our company as real, live people she cares about, not as numbers in a computer. And more importantly, she treats our clients this way too. She cares.

Caring about the newsletter publishers and their readers is something we see on a daily basis from the Customer Service Associate, a live person who answers the phone and can handle everything from order taking to answering questions. We also see the caring in the mailroom clerk who promptly fills our newsletter and book orders, and in accounting, where our bills are paid in a timely manner, our monthly banking statement is accurately done, and our financial statements are updated monthly. The printing department does a superb job on professionally produced ads.

Every Account Manager and Customer Service Associate has a computer program that allows them to access information about all the newsletters PMC supports, and immediately knows what promotions that newsletter might currently be running.

All the employees, managers and owners have a can do attitude.

The following story is true and to our mind, demonstrates the commitment of the PMC staff to rise to the occasion and get the job done, no matter what. In April 2011, an interview that Richard gave, unexpectedly generated a huge demand for his Uncle Eric series of books. The goal of getting the books mailed the same day orders came in, became a Herculean task. The weather was very hot in Phoenix, the air conditioner had been out for two days, and who was in the mailroom folding boxes, running labels, putting bookmarks in each book? The owner of PMC, Velda King, plus the manager of the accounting department, and the accounts payable clerk who volunteered to help. Over the course of several days, these people shipped thousands of books, and we have a lot of happy new customers. It was amazing to watch.

We honestly can’t imagine anyone doing a better job for our readers and us than Publishers Management Corporation.

Samantha and Richard Maybury
Owners, Henry Madison Research, Inc.
Publishers, U.S. & Early Warning Report Newsletter

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We remember the date when Publishers Management came to our rescue, June 12, 1996. Since then, our business has grown, customer satisfaction is very high, because our customers feel taken care of...

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